Getting things done.

May 1, 2007

Yves Hanoulle, Bernard Vander Beken and others started While not purely .Net or even development focused many of the workshops they organize will be of interest to people working in development teams. But also if you are an independent freelancer (like me) they have a “Getting Things Done” (GTD) workshop that can certainly come in handy. In a one-person ‘company’, there is always work to be done, be it administration, staying-up-to-date, looking for assignments and of course, trying to deliver a good job all the time. But it sometimes seems that when one task is done, two new ones just popped up.
So we need some ways to organize all this work. I already apply a zero-email-bounce rule (ZEB) that I learned from Scott Hanselman and have a special TODO email folder for work-items. Whenever something pops up that I have to investigate or do later I’ll just send myself an email with the necessary links and info. It was a nice surprise to find out that Scott himself was influenced by GTD so I hope to learn during that workshop some more useful tips and tricks on how to organize my work.

Yves and Bernard, good luck with !


December 19, 2006

Of interest to Belgians working in the UI field is the new Belgian chapter of ACM’s special interest group for Computer Human Interaction. Topics covered during their evening sessions are usability of applications and design of UIs. Their website is also hosted on and their next lectures are tomorrow, 20 december, at the offices of Namahn in Brussels.

Seems there are lot of evening sessions in Belgium the coming months…

What’s New in Internet Explorer 7 for Developers (September 29, Microsoft Belux, Diegem) : especially interesting for day to day web development is the topic about HTML and CSS standards support in IE7. Be prepared.

Windows Workflow Foundation VISUG session (October 5, Ordina, Schelle) : ASP.NET can host Windows Workflow Foundation workflows, so it is a good time to check out how WF works and how you can use it.

DRUPAL – een open source content management systeem (Dutch, October 10, Technologisch Instituut, Antwerpen) : A successful open-source website content management system (that is a mouthful) founded by a Belgian developer (Dries Buytaert).

User Centered Design (Dutch, November 21, Technologisch Instituut, Antwerpen) : A session given by Joannes Vandermeulen of Namahn, a Belgian company specialized in user friendly computer interaction.

I’ll be there, I hope you too ! 🙂

Devdays 2006 & MIX06

December 26, 2005

Seems like march 2006 is going to be conference time. Grab your agenda for :

Microsoft Dev & IT Pro Days 2006 on the 7 & 8th of March. Good decision to move this back to the ICC of Ghent where it was also organized two years ago. The accommodation is great there as well as the conference rooms. And yeah, the evening activities in the student-neighborhood of Ghent can also be fun. This conference is the place to be to get in touch with your Belgian colleagues.

MIX06 in Las Vegas from 20 till the 22nd of March. This is Microsoft’s answer to the Web 2.0 conferences organized by O’Reilly and, to my knowledge, their first conference that is almost exclusively about UI. From the website :

The MIX conference is a 72-hour conversation between web developers, designers and business leaders. When you attend MIX you’ll learn the latest about IE7, Windows Media, Windows Live!, as well as “Atlas”, Microsoft’s new AJAX framework.

Pity that I will have to miss both of them cause I will be hiking in New Zealand around that time. Alas, one cannot have one’s cake and eat it too.