Fill your agenda with evening events around UI.

September 26, 2006

Seems there are lot of evening sessions in Belgium the coming months…

What’s New in Internet Explorer 7 for Developers (September 29, Microsoft Belux, Diegem) : especially interesting for day to day web development is the topic about HTML and CSS standards support in IE7. Be prepared.

Windows Workflow Foundation VISUG session (October 5, Ordina, Schelle) : ASP.NET can host Windows Workflow Foundation workflows, so it is a good time to check out how WF works and how you can use it.

DRUPAL – een open source content management systeem (Dutch, October 10, Technologisch Instituut, Antwerpen) : A successful open-source website content management system (that is a mouthful) founded by a Belgian developer (Dries Buytaert).

User Centered Design (Dutch, November 21, Technologisch Instituut, Antwerpen) : A session given by Joannes Vandermeulen of Namahn, a Belgian company specialized in user friendly computer interaction.

I’ll be there, I hope you too ! 🙂

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