or how to find something back online.

December 20, 2005

Have you already been in the situation that you had read an article or blogentry before that has the answer to a problem you are facing now but that you cannot find it back ? Even when trying to find it again by guessing the right keywords with google it escapes you in this huge cyberspace ? To me it happens quite regularly and I guess to everyone who is reading blogs it happens from time to time too.

A solution would be to bookmark all the interesting pages you are reading in your browser and that is what I used to do. But after a while this starts to get quite messy. One reason is that you can only categorize your bookmarks in a hierarchy. Some browsers also allow keywords to be added to bookmarks but using that feature can be pretty cumbersome. Another disadvantage is that we are all working on several computers and then you have the problem of keeping these bookmarks in sync.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have kind of online service where one can store all his bookmarks so that they are synched and that with a good support for keywords ? Seems such a service already exists. It is called ‘delicious’ (what’s in a name ?) and you can find it at About two weeks ago they were acquired by Yahoo and that is how I got to know about them. Some people use it extensively and have hundreds, if not thousands, of bookmarks online. Using it is free, just creating an account and you are ready to go. Oh yeah, there is one caveat, your bookmark list is public, for everyone to read ( Just something to be aware of…


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